Stories from Current Distributors

There’s more to us than just health & wellness…

We are Independent Distributors of Market America / What is it? It is a revolutionary product brokerage and internet marketing company founded in 1992 and which has experienced continuous growth each quarter since its inception. As we learned more about Market America /, we decided to have a long term relationship with this company. We learned that it is a reputable and legitimate company that offers an incredible business opportunity wherein, if you just use discipline and follow the proven business plan, you’d be a success within 2-3 years, earning a 6-figure residual income.

We like the products and services, and this business gives us the freedom to work from home, on our own hours, and spend more time with our kids.  The compensation plan combined with the business structure just makes a whole lot of sense to us. It is the most powerful, yet equitable structure and compensation plan we’ve ever seen.

Everyone involved is so helpful too. This is also in part to the business structure, where one’s success will result in others’ successes.

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