Gene SNP. DNA Analysis for Customized Optimum Health Nutrition.What’s the best way for me to stay healthy? Which is best for my body – running or lifting weights? Are the foods I eat giving my body the nutrients it needs? Why not?

What if you could answer important questions about your health with a simple test, one that would not only offer you answers, but give you personal recommendations to help improve your quality of life?

Market America is excited to announce that the new Gene SNP™ DNA Analysis is now available.

Gene SNP DNA Analysis is the first nutrikinesio test, combining customized nutrition with personalized fitness based on your genetic profile.


The Gene SNP DNA Analysis combines your individual diet, lifestyle and environment information and is scientifically merged with your genetic background to provide an exclusive Health Action Plan designed specifically for you.

With one simple cheek swab and an easy-to-follow Online Customer Profile, you can receive practical suggestions intended to promote your health and wellness.

Along with personal health and lifestyle suggestions in your Health Action Plan, you will receive custom supplementation recommendations using the world’s most advanced nutraceuticals – Isotonix.  Isotonix products come in powder form and, when mixed with water, become isotonic solutions, meaning the nutrients are delivered efficiently and rapidly. There are no fillers or capsules, so the time and work necessary to absorb Isotonix nutraceuticals is greatly decreased. The end result – maximum absorption and results.

It’s time to make informed decisions about your health – no more guesswork, just facts.

Get your Gene SNP DNA Analysis today at

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