The benefits of probiotics have been touted in a new report from Global Industry Analysts. According to a news article about the September 2010 report, “Research work was continuing to improve the efficacy of probiotic ingredients and the variety of platforms in which they could be present.”

The increased consumption is also a result of the probiotic product being available in the form of dietary supplements and food such as baked and dairy products, which induced major players to integrate probiotics with products such as chocolates, cheese, muffins, and sausages … With further advancement in technology, probiotics usage is likely to extend beyond the current realms of gut, dental, and immune health to several other areas of human health. As consumers across the world are becoming increasingly aware of the favorable benefits of the ‘friendly’ bacteria, the market is likely to reap rich gains in coming years.

The report also said that consumers looking to purchase a high-quality probiotics product are “increasingly likely to pay premiums”. But the question remains: What makes a high-quality probiotics product?

Many products on the market deliver a high total probiotic count, but they are only coming from one or two strains. That yields a product which does not deliver comprehensive support. According to research published in Food Research International, probiotic products which deliver multiple strains can offer more benefits that a single strain.

Diversity of strains, total bacterial count and protection of the probiotics are key elements in a powerful probiotic product. The digestive tract is home to 400-500 different types of microbes. These microbes include both healthy bacteria (probiotics) and potentially unhealthy bacteria.

Maintaining optimal digestive and immune health depends in large part on maintaining optimal bacterial balance within the digestive tract. With such tremendous diversity naturally present in the digestive tract, it is important to supplement with not just one strain, but numerous strains of probiotics, so that the most comprehensive benefit is received.

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