My Life, My ProductsYou’re trying to cut down on stress at work. You’re attempting to lose weight for the big day. You’re staying fit to keep up with your grandchildren.

The reasons behind living a healthier lifestyle are just as important as the means to accomplishing those goals. It’s what makes your story unique; it’s what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Now, we want to hear your story. With My Life, My Products, Market America is giving you a chance to share your unique story and tell everyone how Market America’s Health & Nutrition products are helping you achieve those goals.

You’ll be able to share with us your unique Health Mission Statement and how Market America’s health & nutrition, anti-aging and Transitions Lifestyle System® products are helping you meet that Health Mission Statement.

My Life, My Products profiles will be used to share your stories and help others see how Market America products can help write their own story of optimal health. We might even include your story in a future campaign!

Please download and fill out the forms (including a picture) and email them to

We look forward to hearing your story!